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Asian elephant

asian elephant
In my opinion, the Asian Elephant is extremely restricted. I know that they are available from Asian and lots of were a hunter for their tusks. You can realize a couple of Asian Elephants at the native zoos and there's perpetually difference on elephants and also the circus. There has been laws place in situ to ban them from hunt ng elephants for their skin and their tusks. I think the most reason why the Asian Elephant has become vulnerable is as a result of the man used to hunt them like the devil for his or her tusks and their skin. Ivory was large back within the day and lots of elephants and lots of died in vicious attacks for it. Also, I might get to say heaps of elephants were conjointly captured for the aim of circuses and slave labour.Unfortunately, the Asian Elephants nowadays area unit still boiled for his or her skin and tusks. When the elephants are on the move to a brand new location they're not simply trying to find lots of food and water however they're trying to find less human activity. A place with pleasant-tasting plants, shrubs and fruits would be the proper place for the Asian Elephant to hang out as long as humans are not around. Hunters love searching the elephant's thanks to however huge they are. It's pretty hard to blend into the surrounds when you’re reaching 10 feet tall and over 10,000 pounds, which is why it is easy to kill the elephants.

Amur Siberian Tiger

The Siberian Tiger The Siberian Tiger sometimes referred to as the Manchurian Tiger, is an endothermic quadruped in the kingdom of Animalia. Its phylum is Chordata and its class is Mammillaria. Its order is Carnivora and its family is the Felidae. Its genus is Panthera and its species is Tigris Altaica. The Siberian Tiger is a mobile creature and it lives in northern Asia and is found as for north as the Arctic Circle. Its territory is more than four thousand square miles and it will keep that territory indefinitely, as long as the food supply lasts. The Siberian Tiger hunts very much but only about one-tenth of the hunts are successful. It requires more than twenty pounds of meat per day. It is heterotrophic and it's diet consists mainly of deer, boar, bear and fish. The Siberian Tiger is a solitary animal. Males and females are only together during mating season. Females will only stay with their litter of two or three cubs for less than two years. The Siberian Tiger is the largest cat in the world today. It measures thirteen feet long and weighs in at seven hundred pounds. It's cousin, the Bengal Tiger is only seventy-five per cent it's the size. The Siberian Tiger's thick coat is normally yellow with black stripes, however, in winter, the yellow fades to near white for better camouflage. Its body is heavily muscled for great strength. Its hearing and sight are excellent, and its night vision is five times better than humans. The Siberian Tiger is now very rare and on the endangered species list, mainly because poachers illegally slaughter them for their fur. Currently, there are less than two hundred animals in existence.