Welcome to my page, fellow animal lovers.Yes,thats an embarrasing picture of me. Let me take a moment to Introduce myself.I am Rm.santhoshram and I am 17 years of age studying at Singapore Polytechnic. I indulge myself in activites such as football and I also am a young entreprenur who sells trainers and sneakers on online platforms. I chose to enrol in Singapore Polytechnic's Diploma in Information Technology as I am very intrigued by the spread of information around the world through the means of technology and how it affects the world, may it be political, social or otherwise. This spread of information heavily relies on Information Technology Experts and I aspire to be one of them.I Love Animals and that was one of my inspirations to start this page.My objective for this page to is to convince the public to safekeep our endangered animals and take good care of them.
Lets go to the fun part now.Like many of you people i love eating too. Eating can be my full time job you can say.I wish i got paid for it. One of my favourite fine dining locations will be Mcdonalds.Calm down that was a joke!My favourite fine dining location would be lavo the italian restraunt.Its a great restraunt with great food,service and ambience.Lets not turn this into a sponsored ad yea.Some of my Favourite from the menu are PAN SEARED SEA BREAM from their lunch Menu.Everyone have their own prefernces and this is mine,nothing much. This review is once again NOT PAID.Another hobby i really enjoy is gaming. I am like most teenagers who like to play video games.Some of them include F1 2018,Fifa 18,NBA 2K19 and many more.I enjoy this hobby as it helps me to relieve my stress.Moreover i like to spent quality time with my family and fellow friends.I am sure many of you guys can relate.I am also interested in Wildlife photography.My inspiration is my dad.He loves taking photographs and has taught me how to take photographs too.
My love for football cannot be explained in words to be honest.My father and Mother have always supported me in my football hobby.I really thank my parents for it as they are very supportive.My dad would get me Football boots and New soccer balls and im truly gifted to have such wonderful parents.I love Liverpool football club. Yes don't laugh at me.Im writing this nearing the UEFA Champions League Final.I have supported liverpool since i was 10 and i have collection of all of their player jerseys and signed footballs.My parents and i dream to go overseas to watch the world cup in the future. I like the game of football as it it is a team game and everyone plays a role in leading the group to victory. Moreover my entire family play football.I have ocassional futsal session with some friends of mine too.I supported the belgium squad in the 2018 world cup.Yes guys i stayed up to watch all their games.Football is one of my favourite hobbies as i get to enjoy the game and relieve stress at the same time.Most importantly it helps me keep fit.